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Entrepreneur | Coder | Tech Writer

Being a serial technology entrepreneur has led me on quite an adventure. I have stories to tell, code to craft, and more adventures ahead of me. Join me on the journey and hang on -- it's going to be an interesting ride.



Store Locator Plus

2012 – Present

A successful freemium locator plugin and SaaS application using WordPress as an application foundation.   Intimately involved in every aspect of product launch, maintenance, and development.  Contributor to WordPress Core and Documentation.  Corporate-level WordCamp sponsor for Atlanta, Charleston, and Orlando.

Key Duties:
  • Company direction and strategy
  • Application architecture, design, and development
  • Defining and executing quality control and testing
  • Leading marketing and brand awareness, site development and styling
  • Documentation and assisting support


Technical Writer
2017 – Present

Technical writer for Skyword.  Contracted to write several articles per month about Jetpack.  Articles are user-friendly introductions to complex technical topics.

My Duties:

Cyber Sprocket Labs

2005 – 2012

Founder of a developers-for-hire business that grew from 2 people to 20 people in less than 5 years. $3.5M in annual contracts with organizations and companies that included the USAF, Billboard Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, USA Football as well as many local Charleston clients.

My Duties:
  • Corporate direction and strategy
  • Sales and marketing
  • Recruiting and vetting top-tier technical talent
  • Software Engineer (Linux, Windows, Mobile, micro controllers, web)

Prior Accomplishments

Entrepreneur | Software Engineer
1980s – 2005

A self-taught programmer with a life-long passion for writing code and learning everything possible about computer science.  Started entrepreneurial career in mid-20s with a successful eCommerce company.   Launched several successful products and open source projects over the past couple of decades.

Notable Events:
  • Published PostgreSQL Handler for Perl – popular database interface ported into a half-dozen languages
  • Founder, Charleston Software Associates – independent software and eCommerce consultant
  • Successful exit of The Lobster Net for just under $1M
  • Launched The Lobster Net – Time Magazine Best Sites To Shop Online 1992 & 1993
  • Founder, ProActive Web Marketing – Luxury Goods eCommerce
  • Pioneered foundation for SQL soundex() function while at Recital while working under contract for HP and Oracle.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Recital Corporation – 4GE and RDBMS
  • BS Computer Science + Applied Mathematics, UMass Lowell

Over 25 years software engineering experience.  Coding projects in PHP, Perl, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Ruby. Strong Linux system admin and solid knowledge of Windows servers.   Well versed in relational databases with a recent focus on MySQL and PostgreSQL.   Corporate, team, and project leadership in various process methodologies including Agile/Scrum.

  • Programming: PHP + JavaScript along with jQuery, Node, and Grunt tracked with git
  • Design: HTML + CSS using Sass and Foundation or Vue
  • Tech Stack: AWS EC2|RDS|S3|CloudFront + nginx + MySQL + PHP
  • Quality Assurance: phpUnit, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver
  • Project Management: Asana, Slack, Skype
  • Speaking & Teaching : SyntaxConf – WordPress As An Application Framework, Pitch U – Creating A Compelling Pitch Deck
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