nginx Installing WordPress In A Subdirectory

We have recently run into a number of customers using Store Locator Plus® that are having issues with the new REST based geocoding system. It turns out that an overwhelming percentage of people that are having issues have WordPress installed in a subdirectory. Apparently not all subdirectory installs are created equal — if it is not done properly things break.

What is a subdirectory install?

A subdirectory install is one in which WordPress is installed in a directory within the document root of a website. Sometimes this is done when WordPress is only managing one part of a website such as the newsfeed or blog. Other users use this install to separate WordPress core code from the add-on and upload code (plugins, themes, uploads) and the site configuration.

For the sake of this explanation we’ll reference the document root as being in the public_html directory and WordPress inside of a /wordpress directory within.

Our example install structure
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Toshiba FireTV Can’t Connect To Amazon

The Toshiba 49LF421U19, aka Toshiba Fire TV 49″ Best Buy edition, seems like a great deal. On sale it can be had for well under $300 delivered. For an Alexa-enabled Smart TV with 1080p that is not a bad deal. It should be perfect for the PS4 in the game room and double as the “kids TV” — especially during the upcoming Super Bowl party.

However things aren’t all great with this techno-TV.

After getting the TV booted the first time, listening to the annoying “bing” every few minutes until batteries are put in the remote, waiting or an update to download for 5 minutes, then having to sit through a 3-minute infomercial it was time to use the TV. First step — connect to Amazon.

Except You Cannot Connect To Amazon

Despite retyping my password and email address at least 8 different times using the on-screen keyboard … or about 3,978 remote clicks later — I realized there was a problem talking to Amazon. Despite the video having been downloaded and the software update; meaning the network was fine.

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Microsoft Teams – Link to Tabs Not Content

Using the Microsoft Teams native app on your desktop? It it CONSTANTLY opening BROWSER WINDOWS to get to content within Teams? Yeah, happens to me too.

Turns out there is a way to copy the link to a TAB in a teams project that includes a specially encoded hint to the browser. That hint tells the browser “open this in the Microsoft Teams window”.

Why in the HELL Microsoft has to redirect links to its own content out through an external browser and back in again is beyond me — but at least this trick puts you immediately back into Teams …. until the next click.

Teams Personal Notebook

A place to store the links and info you can never find. I’m using the Teams app on my MacBook and leveraging the “personal OneNote” notebook to keep track of things I can never find in this larger project. Yes, Teams search sometimes maybe works — but it is no Google.

Ethereum Moves Towards Proof Of Stake

As a computer scientist, I prefer the design of Ethereum over most blockchain technologies. It as a significant improvement over older peer computing compensation models. Ethereum is a peer computing network with a fair compensation algorithm.

However it is not perfect. The people behind Ethereum know that and are moving to improve that.

Ethereum 2.0 will be a new blockchain based on Proof Of Stake. Proof Of Stake means the companies adding transactions to the chain must offer some of their currency to be given a transaction to process. If they are caught cheating the system they lose their stake.

Personally I prefer this model for many reasons. The biggest benefit is the reduction in compute power needed to process transactions. Bottom line – it is better for the environment.

I’m hoping this gets done in 2019 and gains a strong following.

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