The CodeBlock : WordPress Plugin Development series.

A social learning environment where we learn how to code WordPress plugins from the very beginning. We start with setting up your coding environment before getting into PHP and git fundamentals and basic PHP programming for WordPress.

The Block Chain

  • Block 0 – Setting up the virtual machine environment.
  • Block 1 – The coding tools.
  • Block 2 – Our first simple plugin.
  • Block 3 – The Blockyard Bitcoin Donations plugin.


phpStorm (download)
use this FORM to get your 6-month free trial with our class
you’ll need to get a coupon code from an instructor.


Varying Vagrant Vagrants
The VVV cheat sheet:
Cloning a VVV box locally:



A video about virtual boxes and VVV and that — on my MacOS setup.

In Progress

We are working on setting up a better network for sharing code, downloading apps we need for class, and for streaming video.

Yes, streaming video. We hope to be streaming class in real-time in the near future and host the post-class videos on a dedicated Code Block video channel.

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